Somma Marine Surveying

Preparing For The Survey


Good preparation of the boat prior to a survey will greatly enhance the quality of the survey performed. For instance, if good arrangements for hauling or launching have been made with the boat yard, or if lockers are neat and accessible, more valuable time can be spent on the survey itself, rather than waiting for travel lifts or emptying out messy lockers.



If the survey being performed is a Pre-Purchase Survey, it is likely that a yacht broker is involved and it is his or her task to make the necessary arrangements.


When signing a Purchase Agreement, which is subject to the results of a survey, we advise you to allow sufficient time after the signing to complete the survey before closing on the vessel. Factors to consider are the availability of the surveyor, availability of Captains and Boat Yard equipment required to conduct the survey and time to complete the survey report. Reports are usually completed within five business days of completing the survey.


The following check list may come in handy when preparing the boat for a survey:

The owner or his/her representative has given (written) permission for the survey

The broker's listing has been made available to the surveyor

Owners' manuals and service records are on board

State Registration or Federal Documentation is on board

A copy of the Bill of Sale will help to establish the boat ownership and whether there is more than one Owner

Arrangements for hauling or launching have been made with the boat yard or marina

Arrangements have been made for a sea trial:

* The boat must be operated by the Owner or his authorized representative

* Depending on the size of the boat or if trials under sail are required, additional crew may be necessary

* The owner must have the boat adequately insured

* Sufficient fuel must be on board

* The engines must be ready

Keys and or lock combinations are available as well as the ignition key

Winter covers have been removed; properly surveying a boat laid up for winter under a cover is nearly impossible

AC power is available and batteries are fully charged

Water tanks are sufficiently filled to test water systems

Electronics are installed

Heads are ready

Bilges are dry and clean

Bilge pumps are operational

Lockers are clear of gear

We encourage our Clients to attend the survey, but otherwise the number of persons should be limited to those who are needed to operate the boat. During the survey we need uninterrupted time to inspect, review and evaluate what we observe.


We may verbally inform the Client about some of the findings at the time of the inspection. These findings may need further reflection and research, and therefore the survey is not complete until the report has been prepared. The Client is therefore advised not to enter into any purchase agreement until he/she has received the written report.


The survey findings will be discussed with you, the Client only, not with the boat Owner or the Broker. The survey findings will be delivered to the Owner or Broker at the request of you the Client.



***NOTE: Please note that the Client is responsible for any hauling or launching charges.